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made in Japan



The first luxury leather brand in Kyoto, Japan



AIVANO" will open a store in Kyoto, a traditional city in Japan, in 2022 under the concept of "a brand that makes your daily life elegant, cool, and exciting.

Based on the proud and careful craftsmanship of "made in Japan", each item is created one by one with meticulous craftsmanship.

The items with delicate work are finished with love and charm, and are reborn as leather items that enhance the value of the product and bring out your own charm.

We are particular about each and every material, using only carefully selected high quality materials such as leather from prestigious French tanneries and EXCELLA logo fasteners.

We also provide after-sales service to satisfy each and every one of our customers,
We also aim to create a brand that is environmentally friendly.

We hope you will enjoy the feel of our elegant and high grand "AIVANO" leather items, which can be used slowly and for a long time.

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