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〜France Du Puy “Chausser”〜


Established in 1946 in Auvergne, France
Founded in 1946 in the Auvergne region of France, the long-established tannery "Narry Du Puy" (Narry Du Puy) Tannery Du Puy is one of the most prestigious tanneries in the world, and has been called the "King of tanneries".
The world's most prestigious brands use Du Puy's leather.
using Du Puy's leather as a proof of quality.
The world's most prestigious tanneries are also using Du Puy's leather as a proof of quality.
Du Puy is a top quality leather tannery that spares no time or effort in the work process.
Du Puy is a leather tannery of the highest quality.

〜France Remy Carriat “Taurllon Lagun”〜


Since 1927, we have been keeping the tradition of leather production in the Basque Country
Since 1927, we have been preserving the tradition of leather production in the Basque Country, near Spain, France.
Using the finest bull and buffalo leather,
the company has been
and buffalo leather,
and by combiningthe best professional techniques

We continue to offer leathers of unparalleled quality.
In 1976, the company began production with buffalo skins found in Pakistan, and since then Remy Carriat Tannery has continued to provide leather goods, saddlery, and decorative items to numerous industries.
leather goods, saddlery, and decorative arts industries.

〜France Megisserie Richard “Plonger”〜


Founded in 1852 in the county of Milhaud in
southern France

"Megisserie Richard" (Megisserie Richard)
With the finest know-how in lamb leather production,
it is known worldwide in the luxury industry forgarments,
bags and shoes.

The tannery essentially produces laconne and
Entrefino lamb skins and combines traditional manufacturing processes with innovative industrial processing techniques.

〜France Alran “Sully”〜


Established in 1903 in Mazameh,

southern France

Alran" is a long-established tannery with a very long history.

Inheriting the tradition of vegetable tanning of goatskin

The beautiful grains formed by hand by skilled craftsmen and the strong and resilient silver surface are ideal for delicate small leather goods,

and are loved by brands all over the world.


〜 Zipper made by YKK「EXCELLA」 〜



We used EXCELLA, the highest quality line manufactured by YKK, a company
that Japan is proud of in the world.

It combines ease of use with a sense of weight and cool brilliance.
EXCELLA zippers boast a smoothness that is achieved by carefully polishing each element.
Because this is a wallet that is used every day, we pay particular attention to the comfort of the zipper.

Metal Parts

Take brand recognition for granted just by
looking at the Logo

The AIVANO wallet has the brand's logo plate, while the Origine black is stamped
with the logo, and the Excela zipper charm has the logo embossed on the front and the "AIVANO" debossed on the back.
AIVANO" brand on the back.

In addition, the logo plate and pulls of the wallet are plated with 18k plating,
and the luster and elegance are unique
to the brand itself.

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